I started training dogs in 2010 after getting my own Rottweiler puppy and seeking further training with him, determined to make him an ambassador for the breed, which I managed successfully and have been hooked since.

I attended the APDT instructors course and gained membership and have attended many courses since to widen my knowledge and experience. Some of the courses I have attended include:


IMDT – Canine aggression and rehabilitation
IMDT- Resource Guarding
IMDT – Working with noise sensitivity and phobias
IMDT Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours in Dogs
Micheal Shikasio – Master Course in Aggressive Dogs
Moira Vegara – Do-it-yourself separation anxiety program
Sarah Whitehead – Dog-Dog Aggression masterclass
Sarah Whitehead – Think Dog Practical.
Grisha Stewart – BAT 2.0
Sue Kewley – The Happy Shepherd.

I love working with all breeds but Rottweilers have become a firm favourite for me as I love their trainability and work ethic. As well as my Rottweiler I do also own a lurcher called Lola.

I love working with people and helping people with their dogs and seeing the happiness that resolving a training or behaviour issue can bring.

I work with other professionals such as vets, daycares, canine bodyworkers, groomers, dog walkers, other trainers and behaviourists and rescues in different capacities. Firstly through referrals and also I provide seminars and presentations on different aspects of behaviour.

I am also a member of the PPN